Save your precious old family photographs by turning them into digital files.


Do you have boxes or albums of old family shots gathering dust?


The old photos of our parents, aunts, uncles and grandparents help us keep in touch with our past.  Looking at old photos, we can feel connected to our ancestors. 


Digital photos are not threatened by water, fire or extra humidity or even sunlight. Once downloaded to an electronic device, or an online drive/cloud, you don't have to worry about them any more. You can easily create as many copies as you want and do whatever you want with them. They are easily shared with family and preserved for future generations.




Old photographs scanned and saved as digital files.

£3 per photo*


10% discount for 50 or more photos


Images are scanned, cropped, optimised and saved as high res. JPEG files. These can either be saved onto a CD, uploaded to your own online storage cloud ( I use and would recommend Google Drive, it's free) or emailed to you. 


*There is a minimum charge of £15




Photo restoration & repair

£20 per hour*

Images are scanned as above but then repaired as necessary. The time it takes depends on the amount of repair required. The image above left took 90 minutes to scan & restore.


* There is a minimum charge of £20.

Time is rounded up eg: 45 mins = 1 hr charge



In Cheriton Bishop,

Exeter UK.

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