Pricing photography...

We all have cameras on our smartphones now, the cost of digital cameras is reasonable and we live in a culture where everyone takes countless photos and uploads them to social network sites, using photo filters and auto enhancements. So why pay a professional photographer at all?



I may own a pair of scissors and I regularly cut my young sons hair, but this doesn’t make me a hairdresser and if I want a really good quality cut, I go to a professional stylist. If you want and value beautiful, unique photographs, captured moments of the ones you love - that is where I can help. Photographs are what we have to document and visually remember our lives, I don’t think I’m alone when I say that if my house was on fire, I would be grabbing my photo albums and my computer hard drive (where tons of our treasured shots are stored), and the family of course! So with these things in mind, isn’t the price well worth it?

Breaking the price down...

The process of supplying you with your photographs takes a lot longer than the shoot itself. Here is a list to give you a general idea of how my time is spent:

  •     Pre-shoot chats & correspondence to determine the brief

  •     Pre-shoot preparation and travelling

  •     Photo shoot of 1 to 2 hours

  •     Photo transfer, selection and post computer production of digital files

  •     Photo cropping and enhancements

  •     Post shoot consultation & admin

I usually spent at least 20 hours on each client and it doesn’t include running costs like petrol or website hosting – so really I work for less than the minimum wage!

I really hope this gives some insight into the process & pricing of photography and makes it honest and clear for you.


Photoshoot - Individual or family photo session package



  • Pre-shoot consultations

  • 1-2 hours photography shoot in your home or at a location of your choice

  • Photo selection & the perfecting of digital images in post-production (e.g. cropping and enhancement)

  • Post shoot admin 

  • Photographs supplied on a disc (instead of you being charged per individual print).

Images are for your private use only, no one else may copy or reproduce without Sasha Jackson’s permission.
Photographs remain the copyright of Sasha Jackson Photography.


Photo session & CD of edited photographs = £170


Photographs can be printed or framed for you by arrangement.

Individual print prices


* sizes shown are in inches & custom sizes can be supplied *

4 x 6 or 4 x 4 = £5
5 x 7 or 5 x 5 = 10
8 x 10 or 8 x 8 = £15
A4 (approx. 8.25 x 11.75) = £15
11x14 or 10x10 = £22
12 x 16 or A3 or 12 x 12 = £25
16x20 or 16x16- £30
16 x 24 or A2 or 20 x 20 = £38


It is only an extra £5 to have your print fitted in white mount board, all ready to pop in a frame or give as a gift.


Buy now, using my web shop or via my Etsy store.


Individual print prices - Framed - UK ONLY


The print will be mounted and framed in either a square or  rectangular frame (depending on the image you have chosen). Remember that the dimensions given are for the print size - the frame itself will be larger (eg. an 8 x 10" print will have a 10 x 12" frame). The frames are made from MDF in the UK and are a modern flat style, available in white, black or oak. For health and safety and for postage, the frames have high quality styrene / acrylic glazing, this is indistinguishable from glass when displayed on the wall. 


4x6  = £18
5x7  = £25
A4 / 8x10  / 8x8 = £30
12x16 (approx. A3) or 12x12 = £48
16x20 or 16x16 = £60
16x24 (approx. A2) or 20x20 = £90
Buy now, using my web shop or via my Etsy store.


In Cheriton Bishop,

Exeter UK.

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