The hardest things to declutter are sentimental items. We can't bear to throw them away and they build up, adding to our emotional baggage and dragging us down. Photographs can have such an emotional attachment that they are best sorted through several times. I recently helped a close friend deal with a big box of old, loose family photographs, gathering dust in their garage. Later, having organised and declutted them she told me that she felt "a huge weight had been lifted". Decluttering (aside from freeing up space) is a very cleansing and satisfying process.


I can help you with this for an hourly rate of £30.

I will travel up to approx. 10 miles of the EX6 6JH postcode.


We work through your items together, the final decision to get rid of anything is yours. You may find once you get started that you want to declutter the whole house!


Once decluttered, I can then provide scanning and saving as digital files  services (if required).





Here are some tips for tackling the job yourself ...


  • Do an initial quick sweep, remove everything that is damaged, out of focus or beyond repair.
  • Throw out photographs of scenes / views that have no meaning to you or ones that you do not know where they are from. The same goes for people that you do not know or recognise.
  • Making piles for each person is easier than making time zones. Consider how many shots you need of each person - for example; 15 of close relatives, 5 of distant, 2 of old friends.
  • If a photo makes me sad or cry I get rid of it, if it makes me happy I keep it - simple as that.
  • Try decluttering as a family, you can share memories and stories and another relative may like to keep some of the photos.
  • Do a few piles at a time, take breaks. Try not to spend too long on each image.
  • If you feel overwhelmed, stop, congratulate yourself on what you have achieved so far and go back to it another time.
  • Scan your sorted and saved old photos and share online with family and friends.
  • Choose beautiful albums, frames or boxes for your organised photographs.



In Cheriton Bishop,

Exeter UK.

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