Here are a selection of projects and clients:

Get Gorgeous is an online weight loss programme, click on the picture to visit the Facebook page and to find out more. All photography for the project taken by me.


Get Gorgeous Facebook Page

The Refresh Cafe in Oxford UK, was designed and fitted by Store Guru and decorated with a large selection of my photography and digital art. We worked together to select images fitting in with certain briefs and colour themes. The cafe was funded by Oxfordshire Primary Care Trust and provides an incredible opportunity for people recovering from alcohol & drug addiction to develop work place skills whilst providing a business alternative to the likes of Costa & Starbucks. My photography provides the main focus of a very colourful and individual interior, so welcome after the national coffee chains. Click the image on the left to view more of the shots used by Refresh via my Facebook page or see some different ones on the store guru site.


Visit Store Guru here: Store Guru - store design and shopfitting

Adele's Pilates

Adele Stickland is a wonderful Pilates teacher based in Exeter UK; I did a photoshoot for Adele and supplied shots (click the image on the left to view more of them on my Facebook page) for her promotional materials and website, visit Adele's site to see the photographs and learn more about Pilates.

A few of many photo's taken for Ruth Gray, a childrens entertainer. Visit her website: Party Pieces

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