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I wanted to create minimalist images that evoked feelings and inner thought, just by using light, the landscape and my camera - these are not made with an 'app' or by clicking on a computer filter.
Deliberately blurring your images can create dreamy, surreal photos and deliberate under or over exposure adds to the 'mood'.


Mainly taken around Dartmoor, Devon and Cornwall.

Texture & Shape

Digital Art

My digital paintings and photo montages are created from my own original photographs, turning the images into something new and completely unique.

This type of photography is often mistaken for a painting, which begs the question "Why isn't photography like this given the same artistic value as a similar painting?" There is much skill involved in creating and manipulating images that can 'speak' to the viewer and cause a reaction in them - it is no different to the reactions to hand drawn or painted art. (in my opinion!).

Wood, Flower and Foliage

Other things...

In Cheriton Bishop,

Exeter UK.

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